We're proud to announce the release of ShellShock Live for Steam! We have rebuilt the game you know and love from the ground up with hundreds of new features, weapons, and content. A brand new tech-tree and 80 unique levels make ShellShock Live Steam a huge upgrade from the Flash versions.

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New Features

8 Player Online Multiplayer Battles
200+ Weapons
80 Unique Ranks
80+ Maps
Fully Customizable and Upgradable Tanks
Singleplayer Campaign Mode with over 80 Missions
Revamped UI
3D GPU Acceleration
Stunning Graphics

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Game Gadgets on Google?

2008-09-14 03:39:08 by kchamp

Hey everybody,
I was experimenting around and made an iGoogle gadget of my game Pongnop. Id like to know if anyone will actually use it. You can add it to your google page by going here, and pressing "Add to Google."

Enjoy :D